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Letra Apocalypse

Close your eyes, keep silent
Think about the reason you are born
Look inward to learn the truth
You're born to develop your soul

Starry sky healed their minds
The blue sea wrapped them with a generous mind
Yet they repeat the same mistake many times
Losing their reasons, like the beast

The truth is only one
"As you sow, so you shall reap"

Swans sing before they die
Their songs resound throughout the sky
And I drop a rose petal down the sea of blood and tears
I keep praying

Why do you feel nothing?
Why do you injured one another?
Why? Aggressive culture of despotism
Why? You never win the cursed war

Do not you bear god's voice?
Without defiling my beautiful world
I feel myself change into something very frightening

Gloy Decline Delusion Arrogance
Silence Anger Silence Madness
Gluttony Wrath Pride Sloth
Corruption Envy Lust Greed

Now the fire has burnt out
and what is left is built of ice
This sounds like heaven
I vaguely hear a moan of pain
It's a solemn note

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