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Letra Glorafilia

She keeps me waiting in the morning
by tying ribbons in her hair
and come the evening there's no warning
why i'm not to know why she isn't there
No time to tell her all the reasons
why i always disappear
and in those despirate situations
i just fade away still she never cares
But glorafilia says, she says
it's just another sunday afternoon
and glorafilia says, she says there ain't no point in loving you
She keeps me wrapped around her finger
so i don't know what to do
and using my imagionation
she could set me free, i bet she's dying to
Sipping wine around her table
her expence is plain to see
entertaining for a living
she's got everthing that she doesn't need
I can't sleep at night, i'm all strung out
things just ain't right
i really need to know