Zacharius Carls - The Living End -

Letra The Living End

Lights are dim, there is a sense within,
inside your skin you feel like going home
Shallow is the grave for the greedy
says the little man who shouts at the microphone
What were all these simple questions
that you once threw on the floor right there before me?
Answers to my problems, maybe?
Or a plan to capture my soul?
You oughta be more careful child
For the seasons never change
Still they try to re-arrange
the order inside your head
Is that what your afraid?
Darling don't you hesitate to pack your bags
and get lost in the woods
Whining about all possibilities and the hardness of choosing,
your modern day blues
It's not so hard to lift the spirits high
and loose it all for one fine day
The buildings will be collapsing a
nd all companies will be swept away
You oughta be more careful there.
Where the seasons never change
Still they try to celebrate
with their hands in the deepest shit.
Welcoming the living end
The Living End
Where will it end?
In laughter or in tears?
Friend by friend they disappear.
Leave an empty canvas to start again.
Different faces with different names
but the song remains the same.
Armed to be a soldier now,
but still somehow I don't feel like a man.
Tried so hard and failed again,
the way life goes is a killing bore to me.
Just a little trust in something,
and a little hope can make the sun shine again.
But the pleasures of a Babylon can make life a living hell.
We gotta let our selves be wild
Ridicule of a modern life
Pressure in a promised land
the gold that's in your hand
Will burn a fire in your palm
Evil smile on your face again
Is it true that your allright?