Zacharius Carls - Darklands -

Letra Darklands

Gather round all you ghosts and spirits outcasts of my town
Let me share the pain with you there is plenty of it all around
Oh how men they grow unhappy and
streets are not filled with parades.
Triggers an emotion that binds you into the darkness
and anger leads you to love,
to concentrate on better days.

Sunlight comes for just a little while
Hello how nature greets
Cold colours set the swans up high
Beauty where a river and a sea will meet.
Risen from the icy ground, dead leaves mesmerize
Builds up inside a force that can blind you
or a blessing that will ease your mind.

Come along my love I really wanna show you
the Darklands overthere
where The dimming of the day is only the beginning
where darkness fills the air.
If I just close my eyes this time and give my self to you
Would you inspire me, encourage me
and tell me that I am really doing allright.

Let us not bow to the light in the south
Oh lord how great thou art!
Narrow way to the harbour of love,
guided by the northern star
where our souls escape for your heaven is fake
For heavens sake do we ever make mistakes?
and follow the light
into the fire

Is This What You Want From Life

Right from the start
I wonder into obscurity
Unwilling to change my direction
I found a fool in me
left all my chances wide open,
open up the burning gates
Questions they grow like darkness
on a yard of the Castle of Light where...

Trees grow higher in a wedding parade
Bride is looking over her shoulder in dismay
Trembling with a feeling of love and second thoughts
Nothing is eternal but something hits the time.