Zacharius Carls - Cadillacsong -

Letra Cadillacsong

Point blank and no hope for return
wrecks along the highway
one thousand lucky ones...
and one thousand deaths

rain pouring on a milk white line.
asphalt devouring our tired eyes
west is on the left,
across the roadside
and over the ocean

In the outskirts of this city
once again I face the night on my own
emotions they come and go...
and downhills will come

so hard to crop up the connection'
I loose the thread as it slips
I hope this is not over
Another planet?
Over the rainbow?

Come on and keep me company
til' I'm a wreck among you all
either crashing off the road
or lying on the bathroom floor
Another planet?
Over the rainbow?

don't say a word!
don't turn away!
just lead me through
the golden gate

Hats off then!
we're on the road to the great unknown
I'm so afraid
there is no lust, misery or woe
just sweet, comforting mindless show