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Letra Dots On the Shells

Yarryurra Gunbilk Marrawulwul
Djambi Dhoru Warrpididi
Dhawalnydja Dhuwala Marrawurrtjara
Dhawalnydja Dhuwala Dhuruthuruya

Like the Lines On Your Face
The Answer Is Here
And the Light in Your Eyes
Don't Hide It Away
Like Th Dots On the Shells
They Shine

Dhawalnydja Dhuwala Dirrmalaya
Dhawalnydja Dhuwala Lunggurmaya
Yawuyawu Ganyawuya
Yawuyawu Yangayana

Like the Lines On Your Face...

And Waters Edge Goes On
Always Rolling Into the Horizon
We'll Go Down Where the Octopus Plays
Changing Colour With the Incoming Day

Like the Lines On Your Face...

Like the Last Star in the Sky Tonight
Like the Lights
In the City Tonight