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Letra Human Condition

Thought you'd finally found the truth
But you did not understand
Therefore you couldn't hold the truth
Even with me in your arms

Thought you'd finally seen the last of me, didn't you?
But you still don't' understand
There will always be enough of me inside of you for me to be a
part of you

And I don't understand the human condition
We must believe that we are gods
Free will allows us to make all our decisions
Our dreams must influence them all

So you think you found the truth
Told to you by a man
But the man he has a god
That he'll never understand
And man he is a god
So seek the answers to it all
In myself you seek a way
To the own self you must pray

How far we fell and where
Isn't as important as where we came from
And why would God make man
And subject him to his frustration?

For if God is real, truly hell exists?
Will you be saved?
True light it comes, comes in many shades?
Can you pick one?
Who will be saved?...Depends on your god
Can you pick one?
And if you pick wrong, then your soul be damned
Your soul is Lost!

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