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Letra Your Turn

From dust unto dust & to dust you'll return
I was in the limelight, now it's your turn

The time is now, it's yours to burn
I had my bonfire, now it's your turn

You see a faint glimmer, it's not easy to discern
But the lamp shines the brightest when it's your turn

The know-it-all in his easy chair asks when will you learn?
But what he doesn't know it that it's your turn

To every thing there is a season
And every rhyme, a reason

There is no free ride they say, it's something you've got to earn
But it's yours for the asking 'cause it's your turn

Looking at the photographs my heart begins to yearn
But you're making history now 'cause it's your turn

The meeting is ended, it's time to adjourn
But your meeting is just beginning, it's your turn

Look at the rushing water, see it swirl & churn
The river keeps on rolling and it's your turn