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Letra The Death Of Song

The death of song has finally arrived
I just read about it
It was long overdue
There's no doubt about that

They've finally put an end to all this nonsense
Let it rest in peace
It had a few good moments
Now we've got a new lease

Thank god for the death of song
So long to a pain in the ear
No more of the same old thing
No more a song you will hear

It's an art form that's had its day
It's way past its prime
Put it out to pasture
The magazine says it's about time

I love you baby, i love you
Oh baby you've done me wrong
I feel this way or that way or whatever
Thank god for the death of song

Thank god for the death of song
I just read about its demise
The goodbye was dark & rainy
Good news, blue skies.