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Letra Lazy Susan

my lips on your lips & your lips on mine
like the shoreline of the ocean & a falling hairline
like an old couple at it again
when the innocence ended we dove right in

lazy susan & i throwing pearls before swine
(the swine got the pearls & they took as a good sign)

well the riff-raff had the last laugh in the early a.m. chill
ghetto youths training pit bulls to kill
& people in church straining to sit still
while we pass'd around the holy H2O

like a choking victim in the back catalog
just a taste of the hair of the atomic dog
cracking up in the a.m. with the rising sun
& the midwest farmer's daughters

so crack the black whip under the tightrope walker
give the pink slip to the rock n'roll rocker
cracking up in the evening on the front lawn
only to find his long lost lover long gone