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Letra Jealousy (Will Get You)

Jealousy Will Get You Nowhere
You Oughta Know By Now
You're Just Digging A Hole That Won't Let You Go
And You Might Not Want To Anyhow

All The Men That Have Wrong'd You
Wonder Where You Have Gone To
They Have Their Own Lives, They Have Their Own Wives
& They Never Even Wrote A Song For You

I Throw My Hands Up Into The Fire
I Listen To The Walkman When I'm Tired
But You Have Been Mistaken
I Wasn't Taken To The High School Choir

Yes, I Think About It Sometimes
I Try To See If It Rhymes
But I Keep My Head Down & Hold My Chin Up
See If You Can Add That To Your List Of My Crimes

Well, One After Another From Time To Time
Come On Baby, Let's Go, Oyu Gotta Show Me Some Kind Of Real