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Letra To The Dreamer Dead & The Dreamer Dying

Hello there, dreamer dead, where did your dreams go?
Hello there, dreamer dying, hold on tight.

Keep chasing your dreams, keep chasing your mind.
Don't be another dreamer dying.

This world is evil, I know it is.
They're trying to keep us from trying.
To realize our dreams, to free that spirit they put in chains so long ago.

Do you really believe, do you really want to dream on, to go on?
Then tear loose those stones from your heart, and keep it going.

Listen to me, all you out there...
Do you really think this is the only reality?
Do you really think the limits are real?

I break the limits that do not exist.
I walk in dreams and beyond.

Now dreamer dying, what will it be?
Break the barrier, strive to be free.

I am the way you can follow.
I am the road you must travel.
I offer hope.
I offer the road on which you must walk.
Dark as it may feel.
Eternity will be yours.
And I will take you to the world of dreamers at