Vim Patior - Vim Patior (Prologue) -

Letra Vim Patior (Prologue)

When light on the cemetery ways
Lies down like dying shadows
Marble statues of crying angels
Want to throw off the coat of melancholy
I stroke their despaired faces
I understand their great eternal pain
I wipe away their cold sapphire tears
I close their tired eyes for eternity

I'm an embrion imprisoned in the womb of mother
Spirit enslaved in the depth of my own thoughts
I want to know the essence of my world
For other planets are reflection of my vision

I have discovered a source of fire
Yet my words put it out with coolness of ice
But who am I? I cannot understand my tears
I cannot reach my stars - vim patior!

I wander dressed in the coat of Baphomet
Past the hills of enchanted dreams
I embrace the circle of pentagram
I summon breath of the cosmic spirit
I fall asleep engrossed in my magic
Exclusive art of night

With a spell I greet every tree
Every trunk I touch with my poetry
When the clock strikes my time
Pushed by winds I'll leave this world behind