Vim Patior - Devilish Ancient Fanatism -

Letra Devilish Ancient Fanatism

I'm again calling this gloomy times
Standing in front sphere of magic vision
I'm again whispering my obscure spells
Summoning the great visions of sin

I see in the sphere a dark knight
With torch in hand on a beautiful horse
"Mystery dolmens covered my moss
Hid the secret of holly cloister
I'll join my hand in mystic symbols
I'll know the mystery of their deaf heart
You ghost - say a world and wake up the stones
Or candle of my life will be burnt up"

"Devilish ancient Fanatism!"

Mag- "Oh, great priest I haven't guarded the mystery
The warrior of Darznorz must be far now
Give me a few men I find and leave him dead
Oh great priest forgive me!"

Omestes Myeinsterium

Mistry dolmens covered by moss
Have opnened their gates to hidden castle

"Stones have split their tears over me
My fate has led me to a bottomless dungeon
What do mysterious sings men
Where do three (blind) witches dwell
Wylyria embrace me with a warm spell
(Your glance like eyes of raven)"

"I have also sacrificed to Sheikrat
Now all the gods have turned against me
And you my lord Yehowah - you say nothing"
...Three witches have betrayed me"

Unfortunately he was caught one day
He came before the great tribunal
He was sentenced for contact with witches
He laughed on stake suffocating with flames