Vanessa Falls - The Artisans -

Letra The Artisans

There's a pain in my chest and it's not from being sick
Your name is wrapped around my heart
And it's written in wire as thick as your past

Reminders of my mistakes flash like lightening strikes
With every bitter breath
And I know you're seeing stars from the lack of sleep

I heard you say, "It will all work out in the end."
And I bet you'll never guess how sick I am
Of hearing that phrase

The walls are bending from tension in the space between us
And without the words of The Bled, they'd surely explode
"I only have myself to blame"
Well, that makes two of us

I'm falling down this hole you placed beneath my feet
And if I'm lucky, I'll never make it out alive

And even if I do, I won't come back to you
I know I've lost

Do not dare install artificial breath
I know I've lost
Wake me when the end is here