Umbah - Achtung Tony -

Letra Achtung Tony

I see the Bushman fill your cup
Did you roll your right leg up
Spit on the cross Sleep with the boss
Achtung Tony - Achtung Tony
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
The greater good, forgotten its duty
Dumb the dumb - murder the young
Advocate peace down sight of a gun
Sorting, distorting collecting the data
Spying and lying - mayhem creator
Tortured souls are tortured more.
Ideological fatal disease
Its not me that you are fooling
Festering questions - the ones you won't answer
Waiting for the end of time with the burden you create
Delegate responsibility & stifle debate
Meaning and truth strive to encrypt
sell me the cypher you haven't deciphered
Listen to no one - do as you please
Smarmy and barmy
The shits raining down
its getting torrential
while anything relevant
is just incidental
We are the inmates you are fucking mental