Umbah - A Happy Story -

Letra A Happy Story

Your well behaved,
white teeth
Safe with the corporate belief
you eat your food
you go to church and I don't think your ever rude
you've got your job and your well employed
and your never paranoid
its a happy fucking story
Got your happy blonde haired wife
Yes that's where the futures at
same old , dog and a cat
Yes that's where the futures at
happy healthy clean and free
planning for your future life
saving for a holiday
you'll go out and vote today
wife wants to be a dancer
but doctor says she's dying of cancer
and says you've got a lump on your brain
now you lost your job cause your bowels don't work
you shit your pants and feel like a jerk
teeth have fallen out and you got weird spots
but you'll be okay cause your insurance covers chemotherapy
Fluoride is good for you
Everything they say is true
Fluoride is good for you