Uktenna - End of Times -

Letra End of Times

I look at the side and I don't see anything
Leaning in a thousand things with the extinguished lights
Being to sleep
I sleep and I dream

Now it is the time of the end
Now it is your end

Now tells me where I will free
I see the angels that call me
But they don't hear me
What will belong to me?

It is close my end
All see going, and I begin rioting
Because I don't get to return
Shades are wrapping up
And you fear? Going to grow

When less I wait
Me nearer end is!
My chances ended,
Now it is to see what will give

Arrived the hour of the end
I cry for nothing having friends close to me
I hear the voice of some places that says
Your lost it?

Now it is your end!
Your time...

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