Trans-Siberian Orchestra - This Christmas Day -

Letra This Christmas Day

So tell me christmas are we wise
to believe in things we never see
are prayers just wishes in disguise
and are these wishes being granted me
for now i see the answering
to every prayer i've prayed
She's coming home this christmas day
So tell me christmas are we kind
more this day than any other day
or is it only in our mind
and must it leave when you have gone away
it's different now, it's changed somehow
and now you're here to stay
She's coming home this christmas day
And all at once the world
it doesn't seem the same
in a single night
you know it all has changed
everything is now how it should be
I have the ornament
i have the perfect tree
i have a string of lights
i have a chance to see
everything that my heart thought could be
For of all the dreams
you were the first i knew
and every other one
was a charade of you
you stayed close when i was far away
And in the darkest night
you always were the star
who always took us in
no matter who we are
so she's coming home this christmas day
Merry christmas, merry merry christmas