The Wombles - Wombles on Parade -

Letra Wombles on Parade

Drill can be a thrill,
If you've got the inclination to perform to regulation you'll be there.
?..........................? can keep you fit,
It's a feeling of elation to be moving in formation on the square.

Oh, they say that the discipline is good for the soul,
It's a thousand miles away from rock n' roll.

The mad band is convening on the corner,
The music is waiting to be played.
Come on along, get your feet moving,
The Wombles are on parade!
The tall brass are saluting to the colours,
The ladies are reclining in the shade.
Come on along, get your boots on,
The Wombles are on parade!

Please stand at ease,
For nothing quite relaxes like the boots and tenor saxes of the band.
The sound is all around,
And it's pointless to suggest that Alexander's was the best band in the land.

When you hear the euphonium you can't forget
That it's just like dancing if you keep in step.