The Wombles - Wellington Womble -

Letra Wellington Womble

Oh they call him Wellington Womble
and he's ever-so-rather shy,
And he looks through great big spectacles
At the ever-so-azure sky.
And he's ever-so-rather brainy,
And he's ever-so-rather keen,
He's the ever-so-rathest, keenest, brainiest Womble you have seen.

He's respectful and obedient,
And he does as he's always told;
His great big cap and muffling scarf protect him from the cold.
And he's ever-so-softly spoken,
And he's ever-so-slightly small,
He's the ever-so-slightest, softest-spokenest Womble of them all.

Ooh, wombling along, wombling along.
Ooh, wombling along, wombling along...
Oh he's ever-so-conscientious,
Always wombling with a will;
The care he takes would probably make a lesser Womble ill.