The Wicked - Ordo Malleus -

Letra Ordo Malleus

The dark side of a nearby moon.
Colonies of a new breed. The high breed.

Genetically engineered from the finest specimens of the species and bred in humanatcheries.

The very first generation of homosuperiors were brought forth for warfare and are now eager to depart on their forthcoming crusade.
In the dropships the first platoons one with their superb ebony armours and their senses hightuned are on their way to deal justice.

Many will fall under the hammer.
Under one leader.
Under one banner.
Many will fall under the hammer.
Forged in wars.
Bound for eternal glory.
One with the law.

The Order reigns Supreme.

The legions of a thousand sons.
Thousand bodies one soul.
March forth with blazing guns.
Thousand minds one goal.

The highest breed knowing no fear.
Dawn of triump is drawing near.
Created for massive destruction.
Praise the children of hermetic wisdom.

The highst breed knowing no fear.
Those not of faith must sear.
Smell of flesh burning throughout the kingdom.
Under one leader.
Under one (true) god.
All will kneel before the hammer.