The Wicked - Master Pain -

Letra Master Pain

His heavy breathing and hasty footsteps echoed from the walls as he kept hoping that he might've led his pursuer astray.
In the dark it was difficult to see well, and he couldn't make out any other sounds besides his own racket.

The tunnel led to a door through which he entered into a cabinet with nothing but comestibles.
Even after locking the door he kept leaning against it just to make sure it would stay shut and tried to regain his breath.

Maybe I won't be found, he hoped in his mind.

A cold breeeze brushed the back of his neck as reality twisted for a second, and he turned around in time only to see the cruellest smile ever.

Six inch claws Cutting through bone, fangs of steel Ripping your throat.

Ten feet tall Deadlier than all.
Tonight another life ends.
Deyinf time he's gone again.
Like a nightmare it never ends.

Killing, killing rejoicing within Blackest eyes.
No remorse.
Coldest smile.
No Escape.

Floating over the carcass of his last kill, the assassin licking his long nails heard a caling.
And with a slight breeze he was gone.