The Sound Of Growing Up - Drifting -

Letra Drifting

If i drift into a day dream I will melt away the real things that I tried so hard to find
And my hands, they are useless while I fumble through the ashes where I find that theres nothing left behind
And so theres nothing left for you to tear down when you say that I can't make it when you say that I cant make it

well I'll sing when theres nothing left to say
and we know when it comes to that day
it will work itself out anyway

So I'll say that I wont let you down, and you will say the same
So ill sit barely breathing, as if I need a reason to come down from where I want to be
Theres no focus or direction when a feeling hits with a mission to turn you out

so I wont forget what you said to me
keep your head up and someday you will see
things will work out eventually

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