The Sea Life - Sleep -

Letra Sleep

Sometimes I stutter, and these eyes, yeah they do wander
Haven't had a good night's rest, been sleepless since the summer
And I get so lost in my head, I can never speak clear and loud
But when you're around, I don't have to buckle down
I can sleep.

We met at the boardwalk, you said "it was nice."
I took off my jacket, the air was so cold
Sand in our hair, we didn't ever care
And I asked you a question, "If you had a boyfriend?"
And yeah you did, well shit

I guess I'm just the type, second to your boyfriend
But now, I'm finding it harder
I'm finding it hard
I'm finding it harder, to deal
Cause now I can't sleep

I'm just shy, I still try
I'm just shy, I still try

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