The Meeting Places - Pause -

Letra Pause

Scrape the canvas
It's time for letting go
Be the one who feels the slight
But not a sign to show

As the front door opens
A play of light will fall
Tv's are on to fill the night
No words exchange at all

Be the one who's words i find
Or be the thorn pulled from my side
Can you tell the plot from life
Be the only one who trys tonight

Take your chances
The distance only grows
I'll be the first to act surprised
You'll be the last to know

Tired leaves will drop down
Defy a willing sun
Half-mast eyes will close the night
As everything comes undone

Be the one who's words i find
You know it's time, you know it's time
Be the one who trys tonight
You know it's hard, you know it's hard