The Media Says - Keep Falling Down -

Letra Keep Falling Down

I think its safe to say
What's been on my mind today
Because I think I'm holding on
To something thats been gone
And I've waited long enough
For something just to come my way
I think I'll turn my head
And look the other way

Cuz I keep comin' round and around and again
And I keep falling down and a down and again
I just need to let you go

Well I'm starting to get dizzy
From the roller coaster ride she is
And no she isn't easy
She's got all the boys wrapped around her
She thinks she's Ms. Complicated
But she's not that hard to understand
I must be slightly underrated
There's been ten other guys since I left her

Don't say sorry
It's not all your fault
Don't say that you miss me
Because you had your chance to take me back