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Letra The Candle

Represents the death and dies
Symbolises the life, and as ice
Melts all the obsolete longings
Even so, it's not limpid to me.

Not even in stunning flames
it'd be better to see clearly
It's kinda' a not revealed picture
Covering up an withdrawn clarity
Keeping the uncanny secret.

Player, cry, hope, afterwards die
Transcending for a while
Churches, cemeteries or outside
The sooner the better saying goodbye.

Leaving a peculiar amanation
"The darkness to blinds"
Dreaming selfishly on meditation
Brightless, but obfuscating minds.

"I'm into a Candle"
As death arrives to averyone
"The lifetime is a Candle"
It'll melt at all and turn to stone...

Thawing it - is your life runnin' out
Coincident slip-ups - draws deja vu
Reincarnation - another chance to light up the Candle.
This is all - a vivid and epic rendezvous.

Don't crucify your entire life
For things you don't believe in
The sky won't get down
You've gotta reach and pick the stars on ypur own.

So, keep the candle alight
Don't let an wind blows in out
It's your life at stake - So fight
For freedon - ypu can'rt be without.

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