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Letra More Than Goodbye

Well I've been wondering
And I've been dreaming
That you were still by my side
In familiar places
There's unforgotten traces
Where I hear forever in my mind

Seems like so long ago
Since the day of letting go
Where the truth hurt you worse
Than the lies
But babe I need you now and I know somehow
We can make this work out right.

Even if the past can't change
My heart won't let you walk away
I know I can still believe , in someday

Weren't we more than goodbye?
After all this time
Can't you give this love another try
Weren't we more than goodbye
Don't let this die, there's a better man inside
Still I'm holding on ,and I'm dreaming
Can't we make this alright,
Weren't we more than goodbye?

Take me back to yesterday
Before we walked away
When we laughed under moonlit skies
Now life has no meaning, if I alone with this feeling
Baby weren't we more than goodbye?