SYMMETRYA - Something In The Mist -

Letra Something In The Mist

Scary creatures rising out
People getting insane here
Growing darkness of the morning

Are the seven plagues of God?
Or just an experience of war?
This would be the last day of our lives

(Chorus)divided by faith, fear changes heart
There's no more time to the nothing at all
Blood for sacrifice
A chaotic place, the evil remains
It must be the end and it's our last dawn
Cause there's something in the mist

Now I've got to leave this place
People killing each other
World is coming down to the end

In desperate moment
To leave all the suffering
I killed my son
To save him from the creatures

The mist disappering
I look arround and I hear sounds
Tanks of war and helicopters
Trucks are passing by me full of people
And I look at the sky
There'so no more mist
Why, why, why, me?