SYMMETRYA - Darkest Love -

Letra Darkest Love

Long since I met you, in my nightmares,
I fell in love with you,
In the dead of night,it was love at first dream
I never meant
To wake up in darkness, I thought that I woke
But that´s no real
I wanna be there, with you someday
Somewhere, forever yours

I searched myself, out of the light
I finally found you in the dark
Will you wait for me till my final hour come?
Cause I wish you were my darkest love
My love´s getting stronger each day and each night
I can´t live without you
I want to feel your breathe,but I need to sleep
To dream with you

I want to die, and finally find you
On the other side
I wanna be there, my suffering is waiting
But I can´t kill myself
For your love,I´ll be waiting
Till death comes,coming slowly
For your love,I´ll go to sleep and wake
On my last dawn