Suidakra - The Well Of Might -

Letra The Well Of Might

So the days went by
And only the wind and the rain
were my companions

A lot of stones laid on my path
to the palace of snow
and the king of fire...

Majestic hights with flaming banners
So giantly the king seemed to be forever lost
A chilling audience for a man of noone
Kneel to the king and his endless melting throne

Under his crown a million creatures crawled
A twisted tongue for a gesture of kindness
Each glimpse made them turn to stone
Their eyes like snow long for blindness long in blindness

For there is no way to change their chosen lot
No chain of steel could bind them more
My well of might is your well of sorrow
give me your sight and leave behind tomorrow

My son, he said, it`s better to reign in hell
(Live`s a path of sorrow)
Than to serve in heaven

Woe betide him and his bleak eyes
Words of truth from a head full of lies
So my quest took me onward to a brighter way
I wouldn`t rest here for frozen tears nor melting fears