Stratovarius - Alpha And Omega -

Letra Alpha And Omega

I am the earth and sky
i am the low and high
i am the snowflake in the winter evening
i am the birth and death
i am your final breath
i am the one that gave you life and freedom
choosing your own way
everything you've ever known
every seed that you have sown
came from me i made you
my creation is supreme
this is all me perfect dream
no mistakes in god's great perfect cosmic play
I am the alpha i am the omega
i am the beginning and the end of time
i am the alpha i am the omega
my whole creation stands before me tonight
I am the dark and light
i am the day and night
i am the mirage
i am the echo
i am the fear and anger
i am a familiar stranger
i am the shadow i' m a star that guides you
until the end of time.

stratovarius 2003 ~elements part 2~
1. alpha and omega
2. i walk to my own song
3. i'm still alive
4. season of faith's perfection
5. awaken the giant
6. know the difference
7. luminous
8. dreamweaver
9. liberty