Steve Vai - Rescue Me Or Bury Me -

Letra Rescue Me Or Bury Me

Summer nights such lonely times
this memory does bleed
i need you in my life again
Fantasies release me
from the bondage of my fate
the days pass like the falling rain
Your eyes reflect like mirrors
the beauty in your soul
but anger shatters precious glass
Can't you recall the intimate
secrets that we truly shared
the faith and trust we swore would always last
I only have myself to blame
you know it takes my breath away
to see you cry
To love i implore, i scream in the air
claw at my chest, rip out my hair
embrace me or let my spririt die
Rescue me or bury me
rescue me or bury me
Time is like a prison cell
for those whose crime is loneliness
when freedom's banging at their door
When all has been said and done
you must decide swallow your pride and
reach out and take these hands forevermore
Rescue me or bury me
rescue me or bury me