State Radio - Democracy In Kind -

Letra Democracy In Kind

There's a U.N. White and Blue
fell from half mast, now
half covering a red shoe,
half asked if they were us
what would we do

Mr Newsman send your wire
let washington conspire
you know the company men
wait for you in their lair

but a moment is calling
calling us all
as your one time supporters
hang from media walls
and outside the gates
fate is closing in
you can turn us down but you can't
deny the din

from the farmlands to the townships
the masses are classless
warcries rise with every hour that passes
the trampled voice of the past are seizing us
go ahead and load the magazine 'cause them bullets are treasonous

your leader is going to speak now
everyone turn off your mind
you're listening to a raid on the state of your
democracy in kind