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Letra Servants Of The Night

I can't see you, but I can feel you
I hear the heavy breathing from this darkened room
Nobody's there
I know you're hidden somewhere in this house

Was in the same way? X3

When will it end, please set me free
I know you what you did
You killed the last resident.

Don't look into his eyes
You know? what I mean
The witching hour arrived here
Demons are coming for you at midnight
I can hear the steps from the attic
No more tears or shame
I'm fully prepared

Solo 1: P. Zelbohr
Solo 2: A. Ramos

Was in the same way? X3

Full moon is rising
The owl spread its wings
And the wind is howling
Evil words?
Oh no, I hear screams of pain
From everywhere
Evil, evil words?