Soulstice - Silence -

Letra Silence

Can you hear me?
My weak voice?
Can you, talk to confused one?
Please tell me what I am
And what I have to do...
Put my life in simple order
Make my soul compliant to you
Lead me right
Let my mind be weary no more


Now I'm screaming to you up there
I'm begging you on my knees
Show me truths that I could follow
Send a sign for my free will
Don't close your eyes
Don't laugh, don't sneer
Let my pose to rip my guilts
Let me follow you blindly
Give me just a simple truth

One truth
One way to go through
A heart in place of stone
A faith
A life to live straight
No doubt when something's wrong
Set light
To make my steps shure
A bless to do what's right
Give me
All things I need now
A right to do what's right

{silence}{still silence...}
{please break this silence}
{take my fears away}

I am waiting for one your word
On my knees before you, lord
Face in dust while my body's rusting
Digging grave until I die

Don't close your eyes
Don't close your ears
Look at me, and see my tears
Hear my wishes faced to you
Make my life worthy to do