Soulstice - New Better Life -

Letra New Better Life

In the night I'm watching you
In the silence I hear your breath
In the darkness I'm awaiting you
Between shadows of your mind

Keep the line as straight as it runs
Step in fog and you'll be mine
Dreams aside, step in my dream
No return, no past is here

I'm your guide
In the abyss inside you

Welcome to place, where pain ends
No another morning without clear thoughts
Give me the chance to proove right my words
Look into the future, look around yourself

See madness and hopeless of human existence
Feel anger at God, who created us
I'll teach you all truths you really should know
And I will bless you, you won't be alone

Few simple thoughts lies in, under layer of humanity
Trying to posess the mind, gathering power from anchored pride
New life begins beyond gate ready to pass
New better world for only both of us

Let grow all your passions, release them, let flow
Make hundreds of feelings falling like snow
Take in mouth illusions, then spit them away
No suffer for others and no more obey

Don't cheat yourself, don't turn back again
Don't look for better offers, you'll fail
I know your needs and I know this world
So there is nothing more friendly than me