Soulstice - Gift -

Letra Gift

Inside I'm stretched
Something's wrenching me
By my veins
Hunger tells me what i have to do
And I do it
One simple shot

But every time
When I taste
When I smell
I feel something strange
Deep inside me
New thought is waking slowly

"Look in his eyes and what do you see?
Look deeper before you will try to kill
See how his fear opens the gates
To understand of a loss, of a near end

Look in his eyes and try to see
Look, oh look... it's you and me
See what he sees when looks at you
The same fear behind mask of intelligence

Do you know where ends an animal
Do you know where begins a human
And what is a soul?
Have you a right to decide?
Gift that you have is a chance to understand
Of your integrity

Everything we do, we do it for our needs!

Behind eyes are fears and needs
Inside we are all animals
Fearing that we can be just killed"