Soul Demise - Until Eternity -

Letra Until Eternity

i died to rise again
i died to take your lives
i died to spread my sin
i died to bring you death
join me - the dark lord - join me

darkness spreads over your land
the sun´s to weak to break the black clouds
holy water turns to blood
my warriors are the new priesthood

follow me on my way to nothingness
we gonna build a new empire there
an empire of death and destruction
those who dont want to believe will die

come and join me and my way of life
together we build a dark and blackened paradise

my death will create new forms of life
different to those known to mankind
a new dimension of fear and fright
you gonna wish there´s hell on earth
compared to my power it´s paradise
my warriors gonna torture you until eternity
even death want set you free
follow me that´s your only possibility