Soul Demise - Obedience To Authority -

Letra Obedience To Authority

what a simple way to create human beasts
who are cruel to their fellow beings
torment without reason - humanity´s forgotten
least put up resistance to stupid commandments
they kept of listening to painful screams
the order was stronger than conscience
i cannot find an explanation how would i act

and if there has been resistance in any way
it was enough to say you have to continue
fights within were fought many times
but conscience suffered heavy defeats
this performance of duty couldn´t be described
inconceivable for people like you and me
it is an abyss of the fucking human race
shown many times in different ways

nobody is in the position to forecast
the behaviour in this special situation
project abraham exists in the world
and no nation is free of mistake

afterwards guilt was written all over their faces
deadly frightened of themselves
afterwards they found no explanation
for their obedience to authority

nazis used this method successfully
like many other political systems did as well
it was misemployment of human weakness
to succeed a fucking ideology
despite educational work for five decades
it seems that least have learned something
because most won´t ever recognize
the problematic nature of their character