Soul Demise - Accomplishment -

Letra Accomplishment

searching for a place to affirm me
fulfil me with inner strength
give me power and the courage to get on
with this senseless life

independency - word without meaning
assimilate your attitude
claim on mankind rising to immense
anxiety - my only friend

there´s no god or any force
expectations to fulfill

where´s your god
you always said
he´s there for you
i think he´s dead
look around and you will see
this is no place where i should be

it´s just a dream
all i´ve seen

we always give
we always love
fly away
like a dove

i´m suffering
from the pain
this is my life
this is the game

inner strength to carry on
give me back my will to live

will you fulfil the dreams
that i longed fo
haven´t you yet realized
my life is accomplished