Sodomizer - Undead Revenge -

Letra Undead Revenge

They came to receive their guests
That for long are expected
Everything was done for their arrival
The reception of what beyond would happen

They?ll come to dwell in thy home
And they?ll use all that is theirs
Even their body as food
How about you being the main food tonight?

They came to avenge their pain
For being dead and buried
Stepped on by human beasts
The main guilty by their death

Pain, blood, suffering
Undead revenge
Burn, kill, the humans
Undead revenge

The expected revenge will
Happen tonight
The revenge of the living dead
When the day of the dead will be celebrated
One day that will never be forgotten

The dead can be humanized, a doctor said once
Their hunger is just instinct

We thought we could domesticate?em
Tunning ?em into our slaves forever
We badly know they only wanted vengeance
And to satisfy their incubated
Hunger from so many years

They couldn?t remember their
Duties when they were alive
And they had to learn to do
Everything again
But they had a good master to teach them
Thankx mr. Frankenstein to teach me how
To shot after dead