Sodomizer - The Gate / Metal from Hell -

Letra The Gate / Metal from Hell

The Gate / Metal from Hell

Metal ...
We're the warriors of the Hell cult
We're ready to shed the innocent blood!

Fire in the eyes, in leather we ride
For the glory of metal ... we rise !

Legions of thunder's night
Hail and Kill! Stand up and fight !

Speed for Satan, the steel we sharp
Iron fists are prepared for attack !

The flames of hell takes the hall
The holy churches of christ ... we burn 'em all!

Black & Heavy, fast & Loud
Merciless mayhem to rip the ground !

Spikes & bullets, chains & Leather
The Executioner's song pounding forever !

Sodomizer show their spell...
We're going to play the Metal from Hell !

Metal From Hell !!!!!!