Sodomizer - Night of the Witch -

Letra Night of the Witch

Night of the Witch

We look deep inside the void of the woods
To witness the secrets that lurk ...
We gleams the witch dancing around the fire
Thirsty for blood, death and desire

Open the gates of hell !
The witch cast the spell
Night of sabbath and sodomy
Mysteries and Witchery !!!


Earth & Water, Air & Fire
We' re bewitched by her witching desire
She burn in lust, her heat we feel
In this darksome night we drink the brew


Enter the circle of dusk ...
And taste the magic of burning lust
She feast around the flames ...
Screaming the blasphemous names
She rides the winds of death ...
And pierce the victim's flesh
Her breasts are frozen and cold ...
C'mon witch ! give us poison and blood !!!

Night Of The Black Witch !!!