Sodomizer - Execution of the Priest -

Letra Execution of the Priest

Execution of the Priest

The Reaper enter the sacred church
A lesson the priest must learn
C'mon sinner, to pay for your lies
The Axeman will take your life !

The Reaper ... face to face
There's no way to escape from his hate
The razor ... sharpened to reap
Die betrayer ! it's time to bleed ... to bleed !

It's Time, it's time, it's time ...
... to execute the priest !!!

Hang high, hang high the priest
Make him suffer and fuckin' bleed
Cut off his head, take off his breath
There's no chance just a rippin' death !

C'mon bastard to feel the knife
Scream out ! beg for your life
We Take the torches in this evil night
The Sinner ablaze ... what a splendid sight !

The holy father ... tied pain
Taste the wrath of Satan's revenge
Face ... the Reaper's blade
In blood was written the priest fate ... fate !