Sodomizer - Cenobites -

Letra Cenobites

By droops of blood he returned to live
But his body still was weak and powerless
It needs human flesh to feed
And then to reconstitute his rotten vital organs

Frank, you shouldn?t have invoked the cenobites
And Jesus wept
Kristy comes to daddy
The cenobites are in comand

That bitch julia helped him removing the fresh corpses
Where frank used to cater his disgusting and full of vermin carcass
Thinking it would mislead the cenobites but they wouldn?t go easily
And he could fell the suffering on his skin
It was a torture that gave him some pleasure

Frank decided to dwell in his brother larry?s corpse
A poor idiot who was befooled bu his wife and friends
The cenobites returned again to darkness
To carry with them the frank?s soul to hell