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Letra Simple Thoughts Of A Little Old Man

Can I get away from all the pain inside
Throw it all away or is there a place to hide.
The world just left me here alone standing.
There's no one around to pull me off the ground
Tell me one more time I'll let you go.
You know I can't believe all this pain's for free.
Just to think that I believed you.
It's all my fault next time I'll have to think twice
Something's telling me that you want to be free
Just let go he wants you to know
There's a better life to live.
You've got so much more to give let go
Simple thoughts come from simple brains
But I don't mind as long as you want the pain
To come around here more often
Just don't come to me when you're down on your knees
The first time's all right it's just ignorance
But the second time's wrong and it won't be long
It will pull you down right under
There'll be no one around to pull you off the ground