Shop 11 Phoenix - Now And Forever -

Letra Now And Forever

Tell me where have you gone
I haven't seen you in so long.
I'm wondering if the rumors are true
back where the beaches run for days
are you stepping on the shells
are you cathing all the rays.

Now and Forever
Turn your back on me
it's time that I open up my eyes and see.
The truth never really hurt so good
I'm not feeling like I should
I guess all the blame's on me.

Dream about the open air
and finding my way back home
Suffer through the thick
and the thin whether or not I'm alone...

Staring at the place you used to be
You left and set me free.
But I'm never coming back, oh no
I'm taking all the kownledge that I've learned.
I'm taking all the bags but
I'm never getting burned again...
Sometimes I'm feeling so blue when
I know that all I am missing is you