Schaliach - On a Different Day -

Letra On a Different Day

On a different day I enter the road
To the old Jerusalem
I'm starting to walk the road as I can hear
The sound of a joyfull noise

I see a crowd of people who's gathered
Around a man who looks so poor
That I never imagined could exist
His dirty body is only covered
With the shreds of his clothes
He is propably one of the homeless, a beggar
The lowest of them all

Yet he behaves like the most happy man
I've ever heard or seen
I can see his face, smiling and laughing
But I don't know why
The people around him is telling me
That this man has been healed
His whole life he has been blind
But now he can see
I say:

His name is Jesus, they say He is the Messiah
The Son of God, the Prince of peace
Sent down to earth to wash us clean from sin
So we can see the light of day
No matter what wrong you have done
He can forgive you from it all
Hust call His name and you will see
Believe in Jesus, and all your sins must flee

So I asked the man: Jesus, the son of God?
He sain: They fulfilled the prophecies,
That a man would die and rise again
On the third day
And that he would pay the price of guilt
Through a blood covenant
I have seen His face, He is alive
He has shown me His nail-marks
He said: go into all the world
And preach good news
God loves mankind